• Measuring Mixture
        (Internal or batch mixers are machines for non-continuous production of homogeneous
        polymer, elastomer, ceramic, or other mixtures. Measuring mixer can isolate flow problems
        related to compounding, lubricity, dry blend, stability, effect of additives, pigments, and
      • Twin Screw Extruder 
        (Superior compounding machine compared to the single screw extruder. With a co-rotating
        screw diameter of 21.7mm and L/D ratio of 40:1, this extrusion machine is capable to do the
        compounding job easily)
      • Universal Testing Machine

            i) Tensile Testing                                                                                                                                                                        A destructive test process that provides information about the tensile strength, yield
                strength, and ductility of the metallic material. It measures the force required to break a
                composite or plastic specimen and the extent to which the specimen stretches or
                elongates to that breaking point

ii)  Compression Testing
      Determine a material’s behaviour under applied crushing loads, and are typically conducted by            applying compressive pressure to a test specimen (usually of either a cuboid or cylindrical                      geometry) using platens or specialized fixtures on a universal testing machine. Compression                  testing is often done to a break (rupture) or to a limit.

      • Capillary Rheometer
        Instrumented device to measure apparent viscosity over a broad range of shear rates, at
        predetermined temperatures typical to conditions encountered in melt processing such as
        molding and extrusion.
      • Injection Moulding
        Manufacturing process that is usually used in the fabrication of plastic items ranging from
        automotive body parts to trinkets and toys. The Injection molding machines come with one
        principal advantage of being able to produce tons of identical plastic parts.
      • Blow Moulding
        Molding process used in the manufacturing industry to create hollow objects made of plastic.
        It is a process that converts a hollow parison (or preform) into a shaped container by
        deforming it under air pressure against a mold.


      • Scanning Electron Microscopy

        Scanning electron microscopy analyses the surfaces of materials, particles and fibres so that
        fine details can be measured and assessed via image analysis. SEM/EDX facilitates the study
        of particles and surfaces with the added benefit of acquiring elemental composition for the
        sample being studied. Elemental mapping and distribution across the surface of the sample is
        also available.


      • 3D Filament Extrusion Machine 
        Extrusion machine specially design for producing 3D filament in a small-scale production.
        Ready to be utilise by the public & institutional research who eager in developing research &
        learning in the 3d printing industry.